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Surgical Box

OrganLike’s surgical box is a complete solution to your training needs. Safely store your surgical equipment and enhance your training experience!


Surgical box


Our surgical boxes are sturdy wooden kits to help keep models stable as you practice. Keep your training models steady with the provided tissue holder pad. The tissue holder pad lets you flexibly choose how you wish to conduct your training. You can practice inside to mimic operating within an enclosed space or outside for easier access.


Our surgical training box also has an easy-to-assemble phone holder to keep your mobile phone steady. Hence the phone holder permits hands-free video recording while you perform your training! Recording your training thus allows for self or peer review of the procedure. To this end, it is possible to see ways to improve for the next time!


Surgical box


Our surgical training models, made with our hyper-real material, are designed to behave and feel like tissue. Therefore our models provide a training experience that feels ‘as close to the real thing’ as possible. Hence our models stand out from typical silicone models that lack the realism required for an immersive experience. When you purchase our surgical box, you will receive some OrganLike models to help kick-start your surgical training.

The box readily stores everything you need for your training:

  • All tools
  • Tissue holder pad
  • Sutures
  • Gloves
  • Organ models
  • Phone holder
  • Sharps pad

It is easy to keep your tools organised and secure with this one box. Therefore it is simple to transport all your training equipment with you anywhere you go!


Surgical box

Additional Information

Note that the large box stores two extra tools and has a greater width. Please view the product page for the small/large box for more details.

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