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OrganLike Newton 3D Printer

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OrganLike Newton 3D Printer

Experience high-speed resin printing with the OrganLike Newton 3D Printer! This machine is unique and stands out from the resin 3D printing market. This 3D printer features:

  • Ultra-fast printing speed up to 300mm/h – faster than others at up to around 70mm/h.
  • The top-down printing method requires less supportive force than bottom-up printing.
  • High-resolution and accurate printing! 25µm layer thicknesses and 35µm X/Y resolution are achievable.

During printing, the platform submerges layer by layer into a vat of resin. The print platform is porous – this helps resin flow through the platform and rapidly cover the next layer. The platform is also removable to make it easy to collect your prints after. 

The OrganLike Newton 3D Printer requires that the vat is full before printing. If you do not fill the vat to level, the platform will not submerge into any resin, and the prints will fail. The vat has an approximate capacity of around 3 litres. But you can top up the resin level with a filler fluid. This filler fluid is denser than resin. Thus as the filler fluid sinks to the bottom of the vat, the resin floats up on top.

Product Details

  • 3D Printer Dimensions: 330mm x 330mm x 790mm
  • Print Area Dimensions: 143mm x 89mm x 150mm
  • XY Resolution: 35µm
  • Z Layer Thicknesses: 25µm – 200µm
  • Printing Method: SLA (Stereolithography)
  • Machine Weight: 15kg

To place an order for this machine, please get in contact with us at sales@organlike.com.

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Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 79 cm