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Big Surgical Training Box

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Big Surgical Training Box

Our surgical training boxes provides trainees with the tools and equipment needed to start basic surgical training. Training is conducted inside the box, simulating the restricted range of motion of real surgery.

The larger sized box is ideal for conducting operations with bigger models and also has more tools than the smaller version. For our smaller version, click here.

Product Details

The big box contains:

  • Fixtures to hold surgical models steady while you operate.
  • Stainless steel surgical tools for suturing procedures; includes 2 more tools than the smaller box.
    • Tissue pliers
    • Straight mosquito forceps
    • Straight iris scissors
    • Scalpel (extra tool)
    • Castroviejo needle holder (extra tool)
  • Sharps pad for safe suture disposal.
  • 4 packets of USP 5/0 nylon monofilament sutures (1/2 circle round bodied 13mm needle, 75cm length).
  • Handsfree mounts for a smartphone to record video during while you practice.
  • 1 packet of OrganLike’s surgical training models (bowel and skin).


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Additional information

Dimensions 26 × 21 × 7 cm