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Bespoke Models

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Bespoke Models for Surgical Training and Rehearsal

We can produce bespoke models for your surgical training needs, allowing for more personalised training. We can also make these models from CT scan data, allowing for highly patient-specific surgical simulation.

Patient-specific models can help surgeons to plan and rehearse complicated surgical operations before actual surgery commences. Please read our news story to see exactly how our custom models helped surgeons remove a tumor from a child

We can customise and make variations of our standard product range to suit your requirements. For example we can alter our models like hearts and livers to include tumours or anatomical defects. Please get in touch and let us know how we can meet your surgical training or rehearsal requirements.

Product Details

Price and manufacturing time of different models may vary due to model complexity.

Please contact sales@organlike.com before placing an order so we can discuss your requirements and plan for manufacture.