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Practice Suture Kit

We at Organlike are pleased to announce our new product – the practice suture kit!


The practice suture kit has a sophisticated black exterior and contrasts the Organlike brand logo in white. Its red interior stands out from a black elastic band to securely hold your surgical tools in place. The inside also has a covering to protect your surgical instruments from scratches.


Practice Suture Kit

This kit is quite different from the wooden surgical training boxes that we sell. You can now store your surgical tools inside a soft case instead of the box’s foam inserts. This method is far more secure and protective of the equipment and your hands!


The new kit does not replace the surgical boxes. The box has extra features to assist surgical training, like the phone holder and tissue holder. However, the new case can store your surgical tools more efficiently because of its compact design. Therefore more space is available inside the boxes to store more surgical training models! You can view our surgical training boxes here: regular/large.


The practice suture kit contains five stainless steel surgical instruments, each engraved with the Organlike logo. These include:

    • Mosquito forceps
    • Adson tweezer
    • Dressing scissors
    • Straight iris scissors
    • Scalpel handle with detachable blade design

The kit also contains three blades to attach to the scalpel and three packets of sutures. With these tools and the provided silicone suture pad, this kit has everything you need to kickstart your suture training! For a more realistic-feeling suture training experience, see our suture training pads made with our hyper-real material. 


If you are seeking a toolkit to begin training with, but don’t want to purchase a surgical training box, then this product is for you. We are happy to say that we are selling this kit individually. To order, please visit the product page here. For bulk order enquiries, contact us at sales@organlike.com instead.



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