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OrganLike Models + AR Tech: Immersive & Instructive Surgical Training, Anywhere

by | Jul 22, 2021 | News, Press

Scottish consortium to use AR to train surgeons on 3D-printed models – Med-Tech Innovation (med-technews.com).

Augmented Reality (AR) software is a powerful tool for blending real elements with the virtual. The technology can be used to scan our surgical training models to display an interactive digitised model on your smartphone. Step-by-step instructions on how to conduct model-specific surgical training procedures are also generated with the AR app. Additionally surgical training can be video recorded, allowing for self-assessment or review from experienced surgeons.

All that is needed to access this method of training is a smartphone with the AR app installed. This makes surgical training much more accessible to many trainees worldwide. This is especially helpful for trainees in developing countries where access to training facilities may be scarce.

We see our surgical models and AR technology as complimentary forces which can benefit current surgical training practices. We hope that someday these will form an integral part of surgical training procedures internationally.


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