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Glasgow Neuro Society Displays OrganLike Aneurysms

by | Nov 10, 2022 | News

Glasgow Neuro Society hosted its 10th annual conference and featured brain aneurysm models produced by OrganLike.

Glasgow Neuro Society reached out to OrganLike to produce some aneurysm models for their upcoming event. Aneurysm models are particularly difficult to make due to the complex geometry and small scale. However, our team welcomed the challenge as continually seek to expand upon the range of models we can manufacture. New challenges require new solutions, and after much work we successfully produced several models for the society.

An aneurysm is a bulge which forms when a blood vessel’s wall becomes weak. Aneurysms can threaten a patient’s life if the wall becomes too weak and ruptures; this results in internal bleeding. Surgery can be performed to prevent rupture and save the lives of affected patients. This might involve clipping the blood vessel to restrict blood from flowing into the aneurysm. More complex procedures may involve coil embolization; packing the aneurysm with a coil to block blood flow into the aneurysm. Surgical models which can be used to mimic these conditions could be very useful to train neurosurgeons in various procedures.

We are glad to hear that the event and the models were a great hit with attendees! Thank you, Glasgow Neuro Society, for tasking us with making these models for your conference. And another thank you for providing these stunning photographs of the aneurysm models under examination! The photos may be enlarged by clicking on them. Stay up to date with upcoming events at the Glasgow Neuro Society; visit their website https://www.glasgowneuro.co.uk/ or Twitter @GlasgowNeuro.


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