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High Quality 3D Printed Models Made to your Requirements

Did you know that OrganLike runs a general 3D printing service?

If you have a 3D file but don’t have a 3D printer, we can print your model!

With our 3D printing service, we can 3D print models for you using our machines. We have SLA printing and FDM printing machines that can manufacture your 3D models. Thus by using different 3D printing methods, we can print many materials and colours!

3D Printing Service

We can print PLA or ABS plastic filaments with our FDM printers or resins with our SLA machines. We recommend our SLA printers for highly detailed and very delicate models. Furthermore, we can print beautiful opaque or translucent models with our SLA machines. Conversely, FDM machines can usually print models faster. Our experts can discuss with you to pick the most suitable printing method for your needs.

Without a 3D file, it can be challenging to bring a design idea to life. We understand how limiting this is; hence we can extend our service to you. Specifically, our experienced team may be able to help design 3D models for you with CAD software. Contact us to see how we can help fulfil your 3D modelling and printing needs.

Our 3D printing service is in Livingston, West Lothian. See the contact us page to view our location on Google Maps. Therefore if you are local, you can collect your finished models from our office. Or, we can send your models to you via a delivery service.


Let us help you make your design ideas a reality! 


Contact us using the form below or email us at sales@organlike.com for a quotation.

Our pricing is very competitive!

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