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Precision. Pioneering. 3D Organ Printing.

The Future of 3D Organ Printing

OrganLike is developing revolutionary organ printing technologies for future healthcare. Our novel organ printing technology will provide low-cost, hyper-real and rapid production of ‘OrganLike’ models. These will be utilized for clinical training and the emerging market of bespoke rehearsal models, from individual 3D MRI/CT scans, to reduce risk, improve safety and enhance the success of critical surgery.







Bioprinting pioneers Alan Faulkner-Jones, left, and Dr Will Shu, right. Picture: Colin Hattersley. Credits: The Scotsman.

Pioneering 3D Organ Printing Technology

OrganLike was founded from world leading research from Scottish Universities. Over the last 5 years we have developed novel 3D printing technology and unique material formulations that enable us to rapidly manufacture bespoke 3D organ models that have a much greater organ-like look, feel and dynamic behaviour than hard-plastic, silicone, rubber or hydrogel-based models.


Surgical Rehearsal

OrganLike models will be printed from MRI and CT data files and will allow surgeons to plan and rehearse surgical procedure, in the calm of a non-theatre environment, prior to surgery. Our low product cost will allow multiple rehearsals. Our rapid production will allow models to be produced in hours not days.

Surgical Training

For training, our models will allow real-example surgery scenarios to be presented to trainees multiple times at low-cost.

A library of data-files will allow trainers to select a range of scenarios from historical and shared records.


We believe that OrganLike Models will offer health services:


Improved operating theatre utilisation


Low-cost risk reduction through planning, confidence building and ‘hands-on’ practice


Fewer in-theatre ‘surprises’, more decisions made out of pressured environment.


Improved operative outcomes with greater life expectancy and life quality.


Shorter operations with significant health benefits to patients.


Improved and low cost surgical training.

Products & Services

We anticipate that we shall have proprietary products and services available in the middle of 2018. OrganLike will offer both made-to-order surgical models and we anticipate that, in time, we will offer licensing for printing technology and materials for our customers to ‘print-their-own’. We will offer both bespoke (one-off) models – our ‘surgeon series’ models and larger volume models for medical training purposes – our ‘trainer series’ models.

OrganLike has a significant R&D background and we shall continue to develop a series of new products applying our unique 3D printing technology and materials expertise.

Join Us!

Cooperation on future research and new product development is very welcome – contact us for more details.